About Squash Publishing

Since 2003, Squash Publishing has been producing books keenly focused on the subjects of sleight-of-hand, history, gambling, and the variety arts.

Founded by Gabe Fajuri and headquartered in Chicago, the press has released a wide range of titles, from histories and biographies to now-standard how-to manuals. Works by Jay Sankey, Stewart James, David Ben, John Bannon, and Handsome Jack are among its best-sellers.

The company's books have been translated into Japanese, German, Spanish, Chinese, and French. Through this website, we also offer a select number of titles issued by fellow publishers, as well as titles with which have assisted in the production or publication.

Watch this space for news about future publications, or join our email list to receive notices of promotions, forthcoming books, and special offers.

Upcoming releases include:

Very Hush-Hush by John Bannon (now in production, along with reprints of several of his books)

Parallax, an anthology of influential and important essays by acclaimed mentalist Max Maven.

A new book by the multi-talented magician and juggler Charlie Frye. This new tome - and it will be sizeable! - is scheduled to debut in August 2023 at Magic Live in Las Vegas.

A note about shipping

We have received feedback from a handful of international customers that US mail shipments have been significantly delayed or lost completely. As such, we strongly encourage UPS/courier shipping of your orders. Be sure to choose wisely when checking out!

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