About Squash Publishing

Since 2003, Squash Publishing has been producing books keenly focused on the subjects of sleight-of-hand, history, gambling, and the variety arts.

Founded by Gabe Fajuri and headquartered in Chicago, the press has released a wide range of titles, from histories and biographies to now-standard how-to manuals. Works by Jay Sankey, Stewart James, David Ben, John Bannon, and Handsome Jack are among its best-sellers.

The company's books have been translated into Japanese, German, Spanish, Chinese, and French. Through this website, we also offer a select number of titles issued by fellow publishers, as well as titles with which have assisted in the production or publication.

Upcoming releases include Very Hush-Hush by John Bannon (now in production, along with reprints of several of his books), and a new work from acclaimed mentalist Max Maven.

Watch this space for news about future publications, or join our email list to receive notices of promotions, forthcoming books, and special offers.

A note about shipping: We have received feedback from a small handful of international customers that US mail shipments have been significantly delayed or lost completely. As such, we strongly encourage UPS/courier shipping of your orders. Be sure to choose wisely when checking out!

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