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Destination Zero $50.00
Destination Zero
Author: John Bannon

Back in print in December 2016! Pre-order now and receive your copy before Christmas!

Fasten your seatbelt.

You are travelling to a special province in the world of magic: Self-working card magic. Deceptive, automatic, and turbo-charged.

Join John Bannon on a twenty-five stop wide-ranging tour of self-working card magic. Not your typical non-sleight-of-hand tricks, Bannon has thoroughly analyzed these effects and backed up subtle principles with the careful, layered construction he is known for.

Anyone can cobble together a couple of principles and call it a “trick.” Bannon looks for synergies and leverages the method as much as possible. His objective: “One plus one should equal three—or more. Otherwise, why bother?”

You get the trick and you get Bannon talking about the trick, all in his precise, but easy-to-read style. The perfect travel companion on this exciting journey.

All with regular cards, without gaffs, crimps, pencil dots, “punches,” or marks. These highly-refined constructions will change the way you think about self-working card magic.

It’s not just the destination, it’s the journey. Enjoy the ride.

Let's roll ...

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