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Trouping With Dante $35.00
Trouping With Dante
Author: Marion Trikosko

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In the golden age of big illusion shows, his was the most golden of all. He had been born Harry Jansen, but the world knew him as "Dante, The Magician."

He played every continent on earth with one of the most magnificent magic shows of the twentieth century. "Sim Sala Bim" was a spectacular extravaganza of magic, music and laughter. Every magic-smitten youth from Bangkok to Boston dreamed of being in the show. This is the memoir of one young man whose dream came true.

Marion S. Trikosko spent two seasons as a stage assistant to the great man. Today, while excellent magicians still flourish, such huge and elaborate traveling shows as Dante's are extinct. What was the show like? How did it operate? What made Dante the celebrated magician he was, and a remarkable human being? What tricks and illusions did he perform, and what were their secrets?

These and many other questions are answered in detail by Trikosko, whose extraordinary powers of observation and rememberance take us vividly behind the scenes. A gifted writer, he guides us revealingly through Dante's magic world and, along the way, gives entertaining and personal glimpses into his own.

Hardbound with over 60 illustrations and a full-color dust jacket.

With an introduction by Lance Burton.

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