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Suzy Wandas: The Lady with the Fairy Fingers   Date: Sunday 26 April, 2020
News Summary:
We're proud to announce a brand new biography of the great Belgian magicienne, Suzy Wandas.

News Content:
Our newest publication, The Lady with the Fairy Fingers, is the biography of Suzy Wandas, a supremely talented and accomplished Belgian magician.

Her story is one that resonates deeply even today, as she accomplished so much in the wake of personal tragedies, world wars, and in a profession that, even now, is primarily one dominated by men.

Yet Suzy Wandas succeeded in spite of all that, building on the foundation her family established performing in fairgrounds and small theaters, and transforming herself into a variety headliner who bespoke elegance, charm, and mystery.

The biography, thoroughly researched and written by Christ and Kobe Van Herwegen, was first published in Belgium. This English edition has been in the works for over two years, and is a hardbound book filled with colorful photos, posters, and memorabilia. The edition is limited to 750 copies.

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Suzy Wandas: The Lady with the Fairy Fingers
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