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Solomon's Secrets Solomon's Secrets
Author: David Solomon

50 mind-melting card miracles from the mind of David Solomon, one of the era's most prolific cardicians.
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Stage Flying: 431 B.C. To Modern Times Stage Flying: 431 B.C. To Modern Times
Author: John McKinven

An interesting circle of glorious images and gritty technology is always present in McKinven's text.
-Jim Steinmeyer, Magicol, November 1995
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The Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks The Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks
Author: Stewart James

An essential reference work, The Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks includes hundreds of tricks, from impromptu miracles to stage-sized illusions. Over 400 pages, with over 1500 illustrations. Newly edited and revised. With an introduction by Mac King.
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The Glorious Deception The Glorious Deception
Author: Jim Steinmeyer

Jim Steinmeyer's tale of the double-life of William Robinson, a/k/a Chung Ling Soo. Highly recommended.
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The Hanlon Brothers The Hanlon Brothers
Author: John McKinven

From their 1861 opening with a flying-trapeze performance directly over spectators' heads to giant octopuses, simulated shipwrecks, on-stage horse-drawn carriage collapses and the 1890 fairy play "Superba," the six Hanlon brothers dazzled 19th- and early 20th-century audiences.
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